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tv   News Weekly  RT  October 13, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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ok also in the streets of moscow it was up to three thousand people demanding justice for the murder of a man who was stabbed to death trying to defend his girlfriend. whistleblower edward snowden raises his head above the parapet as he makes his first public appearance in months. threats to privacy. cancer patients are denied. paychecks and food handouts has no desire to compromise leave the united states just days away from a catastrophic default. and a global day of action against genetically modified crops is. facing backlash from consumers. for their health.
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but look back at the past seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly. massive riots have shaken saw the mosque on sunday as local spilled out into the streets outraged by the recent killing of a young man they argue an uncontrolled flow of illegal migrants has turned the neighborhood into a crime center. is in the thick of events for us and joins us now on the line lucy . hi there bill i can tell you that the atmosphere quite and some of the roads have been blocked off and to work hearing that all of billable moscow police crews have been called in to try to be on the west here in of the fifth. district of the very industrial area surrounded by construction and their storage where the
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pier and this will eventually the scene of violent clashes between protesters and riot police following as you mentioned a protest over the order of a local young man although there is no actual evidence of a local if you're believed to be at the moment who may have been a migrant worker central asian to have that inflamed ethnic tension in that neighborhood that you held on clear but protesters basically depended on a shopping center that's located here that's believed to be popular with ethnic minorities they ended up clashing the windows where was reportedly thrown in died in one of the shops to fill up with black a group of demonstrators including football fanatics we're hearing allegedly broke into the shopping center chanting now logan all the reports of violence between of the riot police themselves and the demonstrators with at least one officer allegedly receiving minor injuries suffered at the bend the word and we're hearing at least ten people so far for hooliganism but with more who thought the third
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arriving on scene that number might change now again that tension does follow the killing of a twenty five year old local resident a year for sure they didn't he wasn't up to them after a quarrel over his girlfriend by an unidentified man went up. and again to come amid increasing tension between then central asian migrants a very very inflamed political climate here now three are still searching for them and they have reportedly offered a reward of about one million rubles for any information that might lead to an arrest but at the moment the emotion no outrage at least here in the district is still will not only quote you calming down you come over forty live from moscow thanks very much indeed for that update and of course we'll bring you more information on this developing story as we get sued. it would snowden has returned to the media spotlight this week breaking his silence for the first time since july he was filmed at
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a ceremony in moscow where the leaker was awarded for integrity in intelligence by a group of american whistleblowers not easy going to have discovered some of what snowden has been up to during his stay in the russian capital. for over two months this footage of edward snowden leaving moscow's sheremetyevo airport was the only evidence he's alive well and in russia since after getting in that cab the only thing we're told about him is that he's somewhere in a safe place well this week america's most wanted man returned so the public snowden appeared on camera and meeting other former u.s. security service officials turned whistleblowers they flew into moscow toward him with the sam adams prize for intelligence and integrity the enemy of whistleblower awards. this time snowden leaks his personal view on the fate of those spilling official secrets. you know places you think of where we have an executive for just this on the last. night.
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live to come. on but this stuff the. first cell phone call the. the whistle blowers who would have him paid a visit to our moscow studio as well but it was a long awaited family reunion that was likely to have been the highlight of his week i cannot speak for my son and really the legal issues here i'm a father mr snowden sr was finally able to make it to moscow after months of being separated from his son washing his feet played out in global headlines but i don't want to really share my opinions at this point in time i'm shipley thankful that my son is safe and free free in russia but wanted at home before arriving in the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport the former n.s.a. contractor leaked thousands of documents with details of how u.s. security services spy on officials and ordinary people all across the world
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washington has been calling for his extradition accusing him of espionage but russia granted snowden temporary asylum lawyer say his father may not be the only family member heading over to visit since it's really unclear why. the former n.s.a. contractor will ever be able to return to the u.s. again you've got to skim off our moscow public well the n.s.a. leaker's fate has been the main focus of discussion in our studio this week as we interviewed the group of former u.s. officials turned whistle blowers who awarded snowden for integrity in intelligence they discussed how the american fugitive on the run is getting used to his new life here in russia and what his main concerns are either doing remarkably well under the circumstances in which he came here and we've we've obviously came to find out personally how is he you know what is look like these days. i thought he looked great he seemed very centered and and. brilliant smart funny very engaged. i thought he looked very well considering the amount of pressure. do
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you think that's taking any toll at all on the psychological toll i think it would in ordinary circumstances but this is an extraordinary person he's made his peace with what he did he's convinced that he put he did was right he has no regrets and he's willing to face whatever the future holds for him is that the person you saw in front of you colin yes actually we discuss this intel integrity and intelligence issue quite extensively and we talked about prior examples of great people in history that had themselves been under this type of pressure and he's remarkably centered i found that continuing pattern the more secret the us became and the more we grew into a surveillance state the more people who were willing to just do their job and tell the truth and obey ethics rules were getting in trouble so while i suffered i was under criminal investigation and put on the no fly list things like that i
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thought were very draconian i could never have imagined in a million years that president obama would begin indicting and prosecuting people like thomas drake and edward snowden and bradley manning and john kiriakou and a number of other people under the espionage act which is the most serious charge you could level against an american what was the reaction from snowden last night when you told him that he'd won this civil war he already knew because we awarded to two months ago the problem was getting it to him and it is our tradition starting with colin that we physically present this it's sort of like an emmy or not what it is is a candlestick holder for someone who has shown a bright light into the dark corners and. so he knew he was he didn't know about the candlestick holder that he had received the award and he knew we were coming and the reception we got was just so warming it was a person who now realizes that he has very senior people alumni you know some of
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the size senior people who speak for a lot of people still within these organizations that admired greatly. and hopefully will summon the courage to follow his example. and security in an exclusive interview with. the full interview is available right now on our web site. there are four days left until the united states defaults on its debt that is unless its leaders and two weeks of deadlock that is seen hundreds of thousands temporarily laid off and swathes of government shutdown even the world bank's chief declared the situation is desperate warning of impending disaster but. for some careers come first. u.s. president barack obama's signature health care legislation is supposed to provide
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millions of americans with the medical coverage they desperately need but the political debate over obamacare has also ironically created a life or death situation for hundreds of citizens for each week the shutdown continues roughly two hundred patients cannot be accepted for clinical treatment at the national institutes of health that's nearly four hundred sick americans desperately in need of medical treatment and the and i says among the patients being turned away includes roughly thirty people with cancer and many of them being children about seventy five percent of and i was employees thousands of people have reportedly been furloughed because of washington's self-inflicted shutdown as a result michelle langbehn who is battling sir coma a rare form of cancer was supposed to begin receiving medical treatments at the beginning of this month until the october first shutdown forced and i to temporarily turn her away langbehn
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a new mothers started an online petition to put pressure on congress to reopen the government the movement has garnered more than one hundred thousand signatures in an interview with r.t. langbehn says she's been able to restart her treatments after receiving financial donations but says hundreds of other people in her position have been denied a chance to live because of washington's political partisanship it's a matter of life or death it's not a matter of inconvenience or just an irritation for us i have heard a couple of instances where they find that this is just the game between them and it's a matter of winning and i'd like to say that it's not a matter of when or lose i mean it's a please listen to the people and know that it's affecting so many u.s. leaders who have the power to change this situation have so far failed to agree on a budget a political deadlock leaving the lives of cancer stricken. adults and children in the reporting from new york marina artsy. renowned american political commentator
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and chomsky told us he believes the united states is turned into a one party state ruled by the business policy it's exceptional in the history of entry democracy it's interesting to see what's happened. there have been significant economic changes in the past generation where the economy struck. but one of the sets of these strangers specifically the neo liberal programs and they're having the same kind of effect they have everywhere. the. direct wealth to a very narrow sector the increase in inequality. as an immediate effect on politics in a democracy is higher begets more concentrated political power goes as well so now elections are almost void it's so plutocracy.
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both political parties are to the right the u.s. is still a one party state the business party from veterans memorial barricades to crowds protesting at the gates of congress the anger of the shutdown is clear even truckers have joined in second in washington and demanding a bomb be held accountable is what one driver told us the protest part of our agenda is we're counting for his resignation or impeachment. like marci in egypt and if we raise one hundred million americans across the country we will demand his resignation or pressure of the house and senate to call for his impeachment on treason and fraud. the rolling protest is also called out of policies since he came to power there was anger over the president's perceived support for islam as militants mass government surveillance and a willingness to sink the us further into debt campaign received
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a large amount of support on facebook and twitter. while the us watches its economic fortunes dissipate china is basking in its own. after but it's not going under but it shows government policy for a long time now has encouraged foreign companies to take over our british companies after the break we're playing spray that same crisis wrecked european. insatiable chinese investor. the organization charged with getting rid of syria's chemical weapons has been awarded the nobel peace prize later this.
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economic down in the final. days. and the rest. will be every week. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you. a little tune into bangles kidneys stories. you hear. the spanish find out more visit. it's technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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he's continues here on r t activists have held dozens of rallies as part of a global day of action against genetically modified foods with biotech giant monsanto bearing the brunt of that anger now organizers say four hundred cities across the world stretching from australia to europe were involved they say crops grown from seeds made by the company can be dangerous to human health some of the biggest rallies took place in the u.s. where people also accuse the multi-national company of aggressive lobbying and suppressing food safety research and he is in washington for r.t. . many cities across the u.s. took part in this second organize march against the agricultural giant monsanto protesters rallying against the company's use of genetically modified organisms and trying to raise awareness about its corporate practices some protesters told us that even though the government is shut down months onto a lobbyist are hard at work here in washington many pouncers by actually came up to
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activists while we were standing there holding anti g.m.o. signs and asked what is the g.m.o. so awareness is very low in terms of what exactly genetically modified foods are let alone the dangers they cause in the capital the protests began with activists going into large grocery stores and retailers trying to ways raise awareness about controversal insecticides which affect the nervous system and have been repeatedly linked to death while the demonstration then made its way to the white house all sorts of activists students even young children our gannett farmers caterers chefs the real wide range of people there are a lot of veterans actually showed up to talk about the dangers of g m o's just outside the white house they then began to march made their way through the i.m.f. world bank and eventually to monsanto offices here in washington d.c. now other cities across the u.s.
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los angeles portland denver orlando just to name a few how similar demonstrations also up in canada and vancouver british columbia there was quite a large turnout for their march against monsanto organizers say this is just the beginning that momentum is going to pick up and they will continue their fight against the g.m.o. giant monsanto reporting from washington and you so now we are. well the company itself says it makes disease resilient crops that need less water to grow one cent also maintains many people already consume genetically modified food with no ill effects but jeffrey smith who's written extensively about the dangers of so-called frankenfood says this couldn't be further from the truth. when you look at the animal feeding studies are genetically engineered to resist the american academy of environmental medicine they said there's gastrointestinal problems immune system problems excel aerated aging organ damage reproductive disorders there's massive
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infant mortality multiple massive tumors early death there are so many things that are going wrong with the animals that are being fed g m o's and now we're seeing those things rising in the u.s. population since g m o's are introduced the current generation of g m o's has nothing to offer feeding the hungry world eradicating poverty so this is just been a public relations and they spent two hundred fifty million dollars over five years trying to convince americans that they needed to accept g.m. moves because it would feed the world i ask farmers all the time what do you think about santa even those farmers that use monsanto seeds often hate monsanto or fear might senator or both so that's why my standing has been continuously voted as the most evil company on the planet year after year with stiff competition. for was more an article called for including who needs phone books not the employees of
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the u.k. ministry of defense it seems they've racked up a phone bill of more than a quarter of a million pounds by simply calling directory enquiries and the talking clock. never thought of starring in the adverts used now well whether you want to or not by liking something on you tube or google plus an internet giant can use your name and image in ads across its vast network and find out how this works on r.t. the. right police have dispersed a protest against the sunni ruling family in bahrain's capital manama they reportedly use buckshot tear gas and sound grenades injuring several demonstrations for more on the situation let's talk to a doctor not at the head of the bahrain rehabilitation an anti violence organization dr you are in the nama why the why would the riot police involved in these protests. well. it's
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a getting like a common practice by the security forces attacked the funerals of the of the the operation specially the if the dead one is his death is related to a political reason and that it's commonly done in this imagery the mass is joining the if you knows there are many usually if they get attacked and it's assassins the us as a common practice you mention sunni and of course we know that the protesters are mostly shiite is this a sectarian or a political protest happening now well. yes no let me put it exactly the. yesterday's it was one of the shia who is who was the who died in dissension due to lack of medical city the politicos than are. but
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the security forces attacking the other man who is joining the funeral there wasn't a protest so the situation wasn't a process there were people taking. someone who died to bury him in a mini it's nothing of a process but tell us tell us about this man who died there are claims that he was tortured is there any proof of that. well these claims of to which with the debt the thing we know that he had a brain tumor little lack of medical care he died in the pension i think is you can't know and you can all that is. we cannot access the jail to examine the victim and to get to know with the reason of this only you take the story from one side which is the ministry of interior is no way for us to verify that information but. the fact that he died in detention is incriminating the. ministry of
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interior the family repeatedly rats. examined special medical care because it is paid from because of his condition but that never happens. all right the drought i will dry runs just throughout your concerns about the abuse of human rights that the moment in the country understand that you're worried about a man who was injured in today's protests was sent to hospital but it's since disappeared can you tell us more about him and why would you be worried about him. that happened after the mass burying the victim they were getting to their car and that's the information i got i got from eyewitnesses there were treated by security forces and they were attacked with the rubber bullets tear gas and it was this happened actually at a cemetery where they buried the. the person who i had in jails.
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these group of men they were heading back to their cars and that young man in particular was badly injured to us because the hospital the news received last my he was he disappeared but we know that it was a cancer also asians to take the. rubber bullets out of his body. he was interrogated immediately and us the hospital by security forces say his brothers were also was forced but integration today that the brother who is court is the. absolute. also his brother and delivered him to the hospital or. they're going to interrogate him by ministers and all right now to believe that thanks very much indeed for joining us live dr natale from the bahrain rehabilitation and antiviolence organization that eminem and thanks for telling us what's happening in your country. the quest to eliminate syria's chemical arsenal has been
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praised by the nobel committee is this year's biggest leap towards global peace the international team currently working with the government on the destruction of the stockpile has been handed the annual award and political analyst martin mccauley thinks there's a forty path ahead for the group. but there was some of the chemical weapons maybe you'd rebel held territory. how do you access. rebels who say they don't have it it . would have to verify that that would be very tricky because they left with rebels and how many rebel groups are the dozens of them this is the first time the really got involved the middle of a civil war. challenge for them they may in fact put one hundred people in the. hopes that they are secure and that they actually get on with the business of living new weapons but it will be very very difficult first task is to eliminate the wherewithal which makes weapons. get the chemicals take them out of
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syria and destroy them and this is going to be a long process no one really expects one hundred percent of the weapons to be liberated by the middle of next year or even the end of next year. well the road to restore peace in syria may be very rocky indeed six red cross workers have been abducted in the country's northwest by an identified government agencies had no contact with the kidnappers local media has been reporting that the attackers opened fire on the red cross convoy. tensions were rekindled in egypt this week thousands died in running street battles between muslim brotherhood supporters and those running behind the interim government. and what some call produces a sneaking into iran despite current trading bans the country's managing to keep its automobile industry going to spark mounting economic sanctions that story and all that's coming up later this hour stay with us all to live in moscow. for that
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very economic news from around the world in venture capital with keeping. millions around the globe struggle with hunger. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. against g.m.o. and we think that. there is no. evidence any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. is free cheese. three .
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these golden rice. as afghanistan prepares for a presidential election many in the political and media mainstream speak with the country's first democratic transition but it's less talked about is the dire security situation on the ground where the karzai is angling to succeed him self the powerful presence of the taliban and whether the u.s. will ever actually leave afghanistan. i am. but i wasn't spent enough time katie really lit week we talk about the u.s. sat down and the effects it has on. as well as that we are a singapore base analyst for his take on the situation our view of a russian all agog clark's corporately is to come on our in-house best mrs john thomas he's back he was sick last week but we're going to see how healthy he is called airways but first let's start with
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a story that has been dominating the financial had lines this week so the day that the u.s. will exhaust their boring capacity is looming but what is the ongoing deadlock mean for china the largest foreign holder of u.s. debt china's vice finance minister voiced his concern earlier in the week saying that the u.s. has a responsibility to resolve the debt ceiling round china's premier league chairing them expressed his concern the chinese it is a calling for the situation to get resolved in order to ensure the safety of chinese investments in the united staes which stands at around a quarter at over one point two trillion dollars taking over from japan in two thousand and eight is now added to this china also have a three and a half trillion dollars worth of u.s. dollars or another reason for beijing to worry about a potential u.s. default now in total taiwan has roughly sixty percent of it.